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A self-confessed 'milkshake geek', Lee Hughes grew up loving all-things American, never dreaming that it could inspire a business. In fact, it took university, a year travelling in Australia and various jobs in catering to finally bring his ideas together.


From the outset Lee wanted a brand that would not only serve the very best milkshakes, Smoothies and Hot Chocolate, but one that would have a personality and style that customers would really warm to. It was vital too, that it offered something different from the other high street milkshake bars. To date, this has certainly been the case.


Since the first Shaken Cow opened in St Albans, the brand has grown quickly in popularity. With a strong local following loving its milkshake products right from day one, it has relied on a growing online community to spread the word much further. Shaken Cow now boasts thousands of 'Likers, Tweeters, and Instars' and its drinks are a regular talking point on social media.


The Shaken Cow team spend a great deal of time behind the scenes working on new recipes and ideas, following street trends and taking inspiration from what's happening close to home and in the US. They are committed to giving customers a reason to return and regularly arrange promotions, tastings and giveaways to attract new customers and reward the brand's loyal fan base.


With new shops opening soon, an e-commerce website in the planning and a range of retail products in the development stage, Shaken Cow is going places. My aim is for Shaken Cow to become a retail brand name in its own right and known for its fantastic range of milkshakes. It's exactly what we are all about and what my dream has always been.

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